How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Website In 2024?

Jynny Yang
How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Do you think affiliate marketing is complicated? 

Well, to some extent.

Starting in affiliate marketing really requires a bit of hard work and a well-thought-out strategy, but here’s one secret I’ll let you in on:

Pinterest can make it a whole lot easier.

Because you don’t need to invest money and time into a website to start promoting affiliate products. 

Pinterest already has all the tools you need to share your affiliate links and earn a commission. You just need to know the exact steps on how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website.

So, sit back and let us walk you through the process! Here, we share the most thought-after insider info that will help you understand what goes into Pinterest affiliate marketing – and how you can make the most out of your Pinterest strategy.

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What Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Essentially, affiliate marketing means promoting a product that’s not yours for a commission. 

Pinterest serves as a marketing channel where you share posts featuring this product with affiliate links. You can learn more about them with our Expert Guide: What Are Affiliate Marketing Links & Why Do You Need Them, but in a nutshell, an affiliate link is a special URL that contains your unique affiliate ID.

This ID helps businesses track traffic generated by your post (pin) that consists of two key parts: an eye-catching image and an affiliate link you’ve put in the description.

See, making money on Pinterest without a blog is simple! Now that you know the basic concept of Pinterest marketing, let’s move on to the core part of our post.

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog?

Here’s your in-depth guide on how to make money on Pinterest without a blog in 2024:

1) Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Like we said at the beginning of this post, taking a strategic approach to affiliate marketing on Pinterest is key to your success.

You need to analyze how your posts perform, what makes your audience click on your links, and so on. 

Having a business account will help you do that – it provides access to analytics and advertising options. 

Follow these steps to create your business account and tap into Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog:

  1. Download the Pinterest app or go to
  2. Click “Sign up” and then choose “Create a business account”.
  3. Fill out the registration form and create your password. 

2) Choose Your Niche

You probably know what experts say about choosing your niche on social media.

Some advise following trends to gain profit. Others say it’s better to pick a niche that resonates both with you and your audience.

However, the secret to making money on Pinterest without a blog lies somewhere in between. 

You can easily shoot your shot and pick a trending niche that genuinely interests you. To help you with that, Pinterest releases “Pinterest Predicts” annually, a report that covers emerging trends you can jump on now.

Here’s another important tip: once you’ve chosen your niche, check affiliate programs related to it. For example, if you’re a marketer looking to promote digital products related to parenting and health, Bizzoffers could be a great choice. 

And since we’ve started talking about affiliate programs, let’s move on to the next step!

3) Find the Right Affiliate Programs

A good program for affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog matches your niche and promotes high-quality products.

So, how can you find it? Let’s look at the key types of affiliate programs and ways to join them:

  • Affiliate Networks. These are digital platforms where you can connect with multiple brands in one place. Some examples are ShareASale and Awin. The registration is quite simple: pick a network, create your account, and apply for affiliate programs available there.
  • Direct Affiliate Programs. Product or service owners run these programs by themselves. If you have a specific brand in mind, check their website to apply directly.

What type of affiliate program should you join? Well, it depends on your strategy, especially if you plan to target multiple niches. An affiliate network with a wide range of merchants would be a good starting point for you.

At the same time, partnering with brand-owned affiliate programs can boost your income as they often offer higher commissions than affiliate networks. For instance, Bizzoffers offers a commission rate of 40% and above for promoting digital products that are in high demand on Pinterest.

4) Make Your Images Pinterest-Ready

Making money on Pinterest without a blog is all about creating eye-catching content.

Although the platform encourages creators to share authentic and spontaneous content, not every pin gets the desired views or clicks. There are some non-spoken rules to follow if you want your images to get more engagement:

  • Use vertical images, 1000 x 1500 pixels. 
  • Create original graphics. Canva or Pixlr are great tools for that.
  • Use high-quality stock photos
  • Add text overlay to catch attention.

Not into searching for the right graphics? Try using Pinterest templates from Canva or reach out to your affiliate manager – they may have ready-made promotional materials for you to use. 

Usually, most affiliate programs provide you with branded banners, graphics, infographics, etc. The most reputable ones even offer customized images for your niche, like Bizzoffers does.

5) Pick the Right Keywords

Pinterest is more than a social media network. It’s a visual search engine. Using the right keywords will make your profile discoverable among billions of similar accounts. So, if you want to start making money on Pinterest without a blog, take your time to do proper keyword research. Here are some tools you can use for this:

  1. Pinterest’s search bar.
  2. Today’s Inspiration.
  3. Pinterest Trends.
  4. Pinterest Ads (recommended for in-depth keyword research)

Pinterest Search Bar

Find the search bar at the top of the screen and type in your main keyword. It could be something like “travel, ” “beauty, ” or “cooking – whatever fits your niche. Pinterest will then give you both short-tail and long-tail keywords that contain your main keyword.

Today’s Inspiration

The “Today” tab on the top of your feed shows popular ideas and trending searches. Not all of them might be relevant to your business, but imagine if even one of them is. A well-crafted post with a trending keyword can go viral, drive a lot of traffic to your profile, and boom – you make money on Pinterest without a blog!

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends is like a pro version of the Today Tab. Here, you can:

  • Check how keywords rank using the Search feature.
  • See the most popular search queries from the last 30 days.
  • View search volume and compare it to previous months.
  • Discover trending topics and pin ideas.

The Pinterest Trends feature currently works only for US, UK, and Canadian users, but you can access its desktop version by using a VPN. Here’s the link

Pinterest Ads 

This one is the most complex but the most useful Pinterest tool if you can get it to work right.  

Basically, it lets you check monthly searches of any given keyword. To do so, you need to choose the Ads section and create a new campaign. After that, enter a word or phrase like “Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog” into the search bar, and Pinterest Ads will show you a list of related keywords and their monthly search volume.

And if you run out of keyword ideas, the Interest feature can give you keyword suggestions based on your niche and audience. Here’s how to use it: switch to Interests > Popular on Pinterest and type your category into the search bar. You can also select it from the All Interests list.

By now, you’ve got your set of keywords, and you’re ready to sprinkle them in your content (e.g., boards, Pins) to rank high and make money on Pinterest without a blog.

But before we give you some tips, the first thing you need to do is to optimize your account for SEO.

Yes, your Pinterest business account IS searchable! What’s more, you can increase its visibility and reach by using the right keywords. Here’s how to level up your Pinterest profile:

  1. Create a simple and catchy username.
  2. Include short-tail keywords related to your niche in your profile bio.
  3. Use keywords in your board titles. Boards are like categories that help organize your Pins. For example, if your niche is food blogging, you can have boards titled “Healthy Recipes” or “Easy Meal Ideas.”
  4. Add descriptions to your boards and use keywords in them. Middle-tail keywords work best for this – they’re longer and more specific than short-tail keywords.

7) Create and Post Your Pins

For this step, you’ll need all the best things you have – your affiliate links, product images, and the keywords you collected in step 5. 

Here’s how to make money on Pinterest without a blog by creating affiliate Pins:

7) Create and Post Your Pins

For this step, you’ll need all the best things you have – your affiliate links, product images, and the keywords you collected in step 5. 

Here’s how to make money on Pinterest without a blog by creating affiliate Pins:

  1. Pick a board, click on the ‘Create Pin’ button, and start creating your pin.
  2. Be sure to add a catchy title, description, and tags using relevant keywords.
  3. Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the destination URL! It ensures that you get full credit for every conversion you earn. Also, add affiliate disclosure to your post to avoid getting banned on Pinterest.
  4. Create, share, and repeat! It’s a good idea to create multiple Pins for the same link, using different images and titles. This will help you see which Pins are making the most waves!
A quick SEO tip: Long-tail keywords work best for pin descriptions. They give more information about the content and help your content rank higher in search results.

8) Adjust Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Starting on Pinterest from scratch with the right strategies is simple – but you’ll need to adjust them over time.

It goes without saying that what works for one person may not work for another. The same applies to affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog.

Analyze your Pin performance each month, including impressions, engagements, clicks, saves, etc. These metrics will help you understand what is resonating with your audience so you can fine-tune your strategies and boost conversions.

All this sounds like hard work, and it is, but you don’t need to do it on your own. A good affiliate program can provide the ongoing support and resources you need to reach the maximum return from your marketing efforts.

Bizzoffers does that and more. Once you join, you’ll get a personal affiliate manager who will regularly check in with you to provide guidance and help you optimize your Pinterest strategy.

If you’ve decided to tap into trending and lucrative Pinterest niches like Parenting, Health, and Fitness, there’s no better time to apply for the Bizzoffers affiliate program.

Why 2024 Is the Perfect to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog?

By now, you know how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website. Let’s go even further and find out why this year is perfect for becoming a Pinterest affiliate marketer. 

Bottom Line

Pinterest has become a significant affiliate marketing channel – and you don’t need a personal blog or website to leverage its potential.

Use our tips for Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog to create eye-cathing pins that rank high in search and drive massive traffic to your account. There’s no reason why you can’t start earning high commissions now!


Can I make money on Pinterest without a blog?

Yes! Just pick your niche, create a business account, apply for an affiliate program, and add your links to pins.

Why do I need a marketing strategy to make money on Pinterest without a blog?

Having a well-thought-out strategy will help your posts stand out on Pinterest and generate traffic to your partner’s website. This, in turn, will lead to more conversions and revenue.

Which affiliate program should I join to make money on Pinterest without a blog?

Several factors come into play when choosing an affiliate program: your niche, overall strategy, commission rates, promotional resources available, etc. Direct affiliate partnerships, like the one offered by Bizzoffers, offer personalized support, high commission rates, and ready-made promotional materials.

Jynny Yang is a seasoned author in the affiliate marketing niche, blending her expertise in digital strategies with a passion for empowering businesses. Her insightful writings unravel the complexities of affiliate marketing, guiding readers toward successful online ventures.

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