Media buyer`s dictionary of terms, concepts, and abbreviations

Susan Davis

Arbitrage is an economic term that means earning money on the price difference. You profit from the difference in the price you buy and sell a good or service.
Traffic arbitrage is buying traffic on one resource and redirecting it to another. However, this referral usually comes at a high price because it attracts customers and gets them a percentage of the sale.
An essential skill in arbitrage is setting up and analyzing ads. We are talking about contextual or targeted advertising on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, or other social network, as well as advertising on bloggers or website traffic.

  • Traffic Arbitration Slang Dictionary

Install (App Install) — installation of the program. It is most often used in the context of the type of offer, according to which the completed action is considered to be the installation of a program from the store (App Store, Google Play).

Auto-approve is software that allows you to automatically send an ad for re-moderation after the moderator has rejected it.

An advertiser (Advertiser) is a customer or advertiser who suggests an offer and pays the affiliate program for specific actions from the request (confirmed order, registration, etc.).

Approve – the percentage of confirmed target actions (most often confirmed orders for the purchase of the product/s) on the one-pager, for which a monetary reward is charged.

Upsell — resale goods to customers by specialists of the advertiser’s call center/CPA network.

Bid – the maximum bid for an impression/click on an advertisement.

A blocklist lists sources and advertising platforms (sites/networks) on which your advertisement will not be displayed.

Bourzhunet is a collective term for the entire foreign Internet, mainly marketing and advertising (except in CIS countries).

An allowlist is a list of only those sources on which your advertisement will be broadcast.

White page – the “white” page that will be displayed during moderation after passing moderation – is replaced by an offer page (an actual page that we advertise).

Wapclick is a technology for paying for content on the site without entering a number and confirmation code. One of the ways to monetize mobile traffic, during which the subscriber agrees to the cost and terms of the subscription by clicking the “OK”/”Download” button.

The webmaster (Webmaster) – is the owner of Internet resources and monetizes traffic.

Showcase – a type of offer, a list of several products.

Deeplink is an affiliate program tool that allows you to direct traffic to any page on the advertiser’s website.

A doorway is a tool for searching spam.

Connection – a combination that brings profit (or not): Source-Creative-Offer-PP.

A cloak software allows users to change the site’s pages during moderation and the advertising campaign.

CC – a call center.

It was pouring into the red – when the money spent on traffic did not pay for itself.

To pour into the plus – engage in traffic arbitrage while receiving profit (profit). Pour into zero – when the profit from traffic monetization is approximately equal to the cost of traffic. That is, expenses are similar to income.

Locker – a tool that blocks the user’s actions on the site until he performs a specific action.

Microloans (Payday loans) are a type of offer, the paid action of which is the issuance of a short-term loan.

Mobile – definition of mobile traffic.

Motive, Motivated traffic – people who are paid for a specific action, for example, registration or ordering a product.

Owner – the owner of an affiliate network or online service.

Offer – an advertising offer created by an advertiser.

Palka (Paypal) is the most extensive electronic payment system PayPal.

Domain parking – registration of a domain name on the partner’s DNS servers for further placement of landing pages and offer inserts.

Pin Submit – an offer in which an SMS confirmation accompanies the service payment.

PopUnder is also a moving window with advertising, but it opens in the background in a new browser window.

Popup – a moving window with an advertisement. Appears in the foreground. It often opens when a particular action is performed on the site.

Popsa – PopUp and PopUnder traffic.

Postback is a method of tracking target processes.

A stream is a customized advertising channel of a webmaster in PP for some offers.

Pre-landing – see “Gasket”.

Prepay – prepayment.

Samplers are a type of offer where free samples are sent to familiarize yourself with the product.

An insert is a one-page site with a product/service advertisement, the purpose of which is to increase conversion and “warm up” the visitor.

Profit – benefit, income.

Rebill – automatic payment from the user for continued access to the service.

Revshare (RevShare, Revenue Share) is a model of payment for leads when for the traffic attracted to the advertiser’s site, a % of the revenue from this lead is paid.

Advertising – the advertiser. A synonym is an advertisement.

Referral – a person, registered on the site/service using another person’s link or referral code.

Refka – referral link.

Rotator is a script that allows you to display banners sequentially in the same advertising block.

Sweepstakes – a type of offer often found in foreign affiliates – mainly a raffle of any product, where the user must leave his contacts to participate.

A semantic core is a complete list of words, word forms, and synonyms in search queries relevant to the CPA offer.

Garbage is an indicator in contextual advertising and SEO that shows the ratio of untargeted hits to the total number of search queries.

Stata is a statistic, the most crucial tool of an arbitrator.

Subsidy (SubID) is a tool that allows you to track statistics in detail and collect all information about actions.

Teaser – advertising message, built as a riddle, contains part of the product’s information but does not demonstrate the effect.

Traffic back – a script that allows you to distribute users who are not targeted for one offer – to pages with other offers.

Tracker is a server script that passes all traffic through itself. Fulfillment (Fulfillment) – a complex of operations from the moment of placing an order by the buyer to the moment of receiving the purchase.

Fraud is a term used for low-quality traffic.

Hold – the time during which the partner keeps the payment of the webmaster.

The shave is a situation where the webmaster has been rejected for leads (and therefore does not receive a reward) that were successfully accepted and paid for.

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